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my story


By the age of 20, I had spent the last eight years of my life in a down spiral of self destructive behavior, dangerous social circles, and abusive relationships and I was at the end of myself and desperate for change. I was so desperate that one day I dropped down to my knees and lifted up a heartfelt prayer to whoever would listen. I said, ” God if you are real, show me who you are and I will commit the rest of my life to you.” I began to name all the concepts of God I had from various religions and pledged my life to follow whoever He revealed himself as.

There wasn’t an immediate change after that prayer but heart became more open and receptive and even drawn to Christian music and television. As I would watch and listen, I would eventually begin to also pray with the preachers when they would invite people to give their lives to Christ and I would sing along with the songs.

In the Spring of 2000. I finally had my moment of absolute clarity that I needed to not only believe and be inspired by what I was hearing but fully commit to it but surrendering my life to God in response to the teachings of Christ. Looking back, I know now it’s that was the moment I was truly empowered and my life began to change.  

Just a few weeks after that, I made my way into a local storefront church in the year 2000 where I began to receive Biblical teaching and pastoral care helping me to begin to understand more about Jesus and the Bible and what was taking place on the inside of me. Eventually, I came to understand that when I had surrendered my life to God in response to the teachings of Jesus Christ, I had experienced a rebirth. A new Sarah Grace began to emerge and what followed was supernatural and remarkable. 

Now over twenty-two years later, I am a licensed and ordained member of Christian Clergy, a church and conference speaker, a self-published author, a television host and producer, and a business consultant and digital designer.

I knew that it wasn’t a proper response to keep this experience to myself but I needed to share it with everyone I can and I have spent many years trying to perfect how to share my radical testimony of both salvation and transformation and share how others can embrace this experience for themselves! 



Introducing Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace is a living example of what God’s GRACE can do in the life of someone willing to receive it. This once self-destructive teen and high school dropout was touched by GRACE in her early twenties in such a way that her life was forever changed.

Now, 22 years later, she is a church and conference speaker, self-published author, television producer and host, and digital design creative who is sharing her story and her GRACE-given gifts and talents with the world.

Having GRACE in her life doesn’t mean that everything has been easy for her. Sarah Grace has faced many unexpected twists and turns throughout her life that have put the GRACE she received to the test. However, despite a diversity of opportunities to change her confession and walk away from her faith, she has always found the GRACE she needed to continue. She now shares what she has learned through her messages, books, television programs, and more so others can be inspired, empowered, and changed by this GRACE also.

Her Ministry Experience 

Sarah was launched into her first opportunity to speak at a women’s conference in the year 2000 just weeks after fully surrendering her life to God. It was there that she first shared the testimonial of her life changing decision to surrender her life to God in response to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Shortly after that, she entered into apprentice style preparation for Christian ministry where she eventually became a licensed and ordained Elder in the Christian Church. She has served in a diversity of capacities in ministry. Some of her roles are inclusive of but not limited to, Director of Inner City Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland, and she has served as associate pastor and a senior pastor in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her years of ministry have put her in position to receive a diversity of titles, awards, and recognitions affirming her calling from God to both Christian community and the world at large. In 2015 she was nominated twice and offered a doctorate of divinity with chaplaincy pending an official graduation ceremony. 

Her Books

Sarah Grace also ventured into self-publishing releasing several books, all with the focus of empowering others through her testimonial accounts and Biblical teachings. 

Her Television Programs

As a television host and producer, Sarah Grace, along with long time ministry partner, Dr. Danica Myers have produced 4 original television programs which air collectively 8 times a week in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding counties, and internationally on demand through Roku.

Her Digital Design Work.

As a creative, Sarah Grace offers consulting, branding, graphic, web, and video design to a diversity of clientele around the world including individuals, authors, speakers, clergy, musical artists, small and large scale business and nonprofits and more.


I have been blessed to share my story and ministry nationally and internationally on a diversity of platforms inclusive of churches, conferences, television and radio outlets, and even in halfway houses, rehabilitations centers, and the juvenile detention center.